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Chef Brian Duffy

“The Art of the preparation

creates the experience``

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a world class singer or a Chef… it all comes down to the preparation that you make to get to the final result.

It all starts with the prep!

You’ve done your own prep work by coming to the Bar & Restaurant Expo.
And if you’re reading this message it means that we have met.
Now you want to do the work that it takes to
create the ultimate experience
for your guests and for your bottom line!

I look forward to working with you & your staff
to create some unforgettable experiences.

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Chef Duffy works closely with an elite and select set of businesses to provide quality products and services to his clients and followers.

If a company is Duffified Approved it  means they’ve been carefully vetted and meet Chef’s superior standards. He considers these companies to be trusted partners to provide exceptional products and services.

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Bar & Restaurant Consultant - DEG
Chef Brian Duffy has years of experience helping restaurants improve and succeed. Duffified Experience Group is equipped to help clients with every issue and concept, utilizing a project schedules and work flow sheet. Each client’s project is customized and tailored to their needs and strengths.
Podcast Host - Duffifed Live
“Duffified Live” a travel show with an over the top approach to eating, drinking & traveling has taken off due to Chef Duffy’s attitude & stories from the road, the industry & his personal life & stories.
Spices & Apparel - Duffified
Get Duffified with approved apparel, try Chef’s custom spices, find sponsored gear, recipes and more here.

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